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Chico State College became part of the state university system in 1972.

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Outdoors: Biking, Fishing, Hiking

Biking enthusiasts need to look no further than Butte County to experience world-class bicyling. Home to the #1-rated bicycling town in America (1997 Bicycling), Chico environs offer the challenges of mountain biking to racing to meandering through scenic canyons or flat landscapes.

Check out the site for races, scenic bike routes, etc. Call (530) 343-8356 for more biking information.

-- The Freeman Bicycle Trail near Lake Oroville provides 44 miles of scenic off-road recreational riding for All Terrain bicycles. Thirty miles of the trail are flat with some slightly rolling terrain. Maps of the Oroville Bicycle Trail are available. Call (530) 533-7885 or (530) 538-2200 for more information.

-- With Lake Oroville (California’s 2nd largest lake and official home to the National Bass Tournament) in Butte County’s backyard, the fishing story just got REAL good. But bass isn’t all the county offers. There’s fly fishing in the many streams and lakes; salmon fishing on one of the two rivers that run through (the Sacramento and the Feather rivers); steelhead, trout and much more. Call Lake Oroville Visitor Center (open weekend), (530) 538-2219; Lake Oroville State Recreation Area, (530) 538-2200; Oroville Chamber of Commerce, (800) 655-4643. Professional fishing guide services are also available.

-- Hiking in Butte County offers diverse possibilities from the valley floor, dotted with ancient oaks and meandering lava rock walls (built by Chinese laborers in the 1800s) to foothill terrain (home to digger pines and blue oaks) to Feather Falls, a 640-foot high drama tucked in a majestic setting upstream from Lake Oroville. It is the 6th tallest in the continental United States. This 7-mile round-trip hiking adventure takes approximately 4 hours on the strenuous trail and a little less on the moderate trail.

Call Feather Falls, Plumas National Forest, at (530) 534-6500 for more information. A nice, generally unpopulated four-hour mountain hiking loop is to go up the South Rim trail to Bear Hole in Bidwell Park, lounge a while on the less-populated south side of Bear Hole and then cross the creek for an easier return on Upper Park Road or the Yahi Trail. (Erosion on the Yahi is a big problem, so only hikers are allowed on it.)


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