Fun Fact #60
During the winter of 1937, lower Bidwell Park became "Sherwood Forest"¯ in the Hollywood film, The Adventures of Robin Hood, starring Errol Flynn.

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Outdoors: Birding in Butte County

-- The Sutter Buttes (the world’s smallest complete mountain range), is the backdrop for 8,400 acres of wetlands known as the Gray Lodge Wildlife Area. Located 8 miles southeast of Gridley, the area is the most extensively used wetlands in the entire Pacific Flyway. As many as 2 million waterfowl have been observed at peak periods (Dec.-Jan.). Migratory Waterfowl Viewing Season is Sept.-March.
Greater White-fronted, Snow and Ross’ geese are numerous as are many duck species. Pheasants, herons, egrets and several hawk species are abundant.

A viewing platform, photography blind (by reservation), trail and auto tour loop, and fall/winter weekend guided walks make viewing easier and more rewarding. A small exhibit room displays many bird specimens. Gray Lodge is open daily from sunrise until sunset.

Cost is $2.50 for adults – free with a valid California hunting or fishing license or membership in the California Wildlife Campaign. Call (530) 846-5176 for more Gray Lodge information.

-- Chico’s abundant farmlands provide spectacular viewing and photography possibilities. Flooded rice fields and a large wildlife preserve are favorite feeding grounds for swans, geese cranes, ducks, hawks, egrets and songbirds, as well as an occasional eagle or falcon. . For a self-guided tour brochure of Butte County, call the Chico Chamber of Commerce, (800) 852-8570.

-- Oroville State Wildlife Area is an 11,000-acre refuge that includes a lake area, open grasslands, portions of the Feather River and willow and cottonwood-lined ponds. More than 177 species of birds can be seen here. For a byway tour near Oroville, call the Chamber of Commerce at (800) 655-GOLD.

-- The Upper Ridge Nature Preserve near Paradise is a 120-acre wilderness area consisting of several walking trails and scenic loops. Walking the trail will give you opportunity to spot birds like White-crowned Sparrow, Gold-crowned Sparrow, European Starling, American Robin, Steller’s Jay, Band-tailed Pigeon and the Northern Flicker. Call Upper Ridge Wilderness Association at (530) 873-1787 for more information.

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