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Chico said "goodbye" to electronic streetcars in 1947.

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Outdoors: Wildflowers and Blossoms

-- Bidwell Park, Chico. This 3,600-acre municipal park is the third largest in the United States. It sprouts a variety of wildflowers including lupine, poppies, delphiniums, buttercups, and western redbuds. Miles of walking, hiking, and biking trails are offered.

-- Spring Blossom Tour, Butte County. Get ready to excite ALL your senses and be sure to bring a camera. An orchard blossom tour map is offered through the Chico Chamber of Commerce at (530) 891-5556. This tour features beautiful orchards of white, purple, and pink blossoms that adorn almond, prune, Asian pear, kiwi, walnut and pistachio trees.

-- Sutter Buttes, near Gridley. Known as the smallest mountain range in the world, the Sutter Buttes have 15,000 acres of springtime color. The land is privately owned but open for tours. For reservations and calendar information, call Middle Mountain Foundation at (530) 634-6387.

-- Table Mountain, Oroville. This unique landmark, located 1,000 feet over the valley floor features a mosaic of grassland, flat volcanic outcrops and vernal pools. Wildflowers such as California poppies, daisies and lupine blanket the landscape. It is hailed as a premiere location for viewing flowers in Northern California.

-- Vina Plains Preserve, near Chico. This preserve is owned and maintained by the Nature Conservancy. It features meadowfoam, vernal pools, and awesome delicate wildflowers. It is located 13 miles north of Chico on Highway 99. For tour information, call (530) 343-3185.

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