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Round-trip tickets from Gridley to Sacramento (via the railroad) during the State Fair were reduced to $8.75 in August 1884.

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Arts and Culture : Theater

Blue Room

The Blue Room Theatre was started by a group of theatre artists who went by the name of The Cosmic Travel Agency.

After performing our first full length play, Out in the World, for packed houses at a local bar, we decided to find a permanent space. This turned out to be an abandoned Masonic Temple located above Collier's Hardware in downtown Chico.

Over the next several years the theatre wrestled with its artistic identity, doing many original plays, some contemporary American playwrights like Vogel, McNally, Mamet and Margueleis, and a lot of classic modernist authors like Beckett, Brecht, Frisch, Cocteau, Ghelderhode, etc.

In addition, the theatre did many late night comedy shows and children's matinees. At one point the Blue Room stage was hosting three separate productions on the same day on the same stage: one play at noon, another at 7:30, and yet another at 11pm!

Several festivals and series have repeated through the years, including Bloomsday, The Raymond Carver Festival, Le Grande Guignol, The Twilight Zone Live, Passengers on the Bus and the plays of the small playwriting collective, The Amphibious Jakeys, including (left) their Dog Cat Spatula Machine.
In 1995 the board of directors elected David Cook president. Along with other board members such as Thomasin Saxe and Annie August, David worked hard to remodel the physical plant and increase financial stabilty.

139 W. First St. , Chico

Phone: (530) 895-3379

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