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The Sierra Nevada Brewery started in 1980 and now employs hundreds of people in Chico.

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Arts and Culture : Museums

Chico Creek Nature Center

Located in the heart of Bidwell Park

The Chico Creek Nature Center is an independent non-profit organization that was created by the Altacal Audubon Society in 1982. Under their wing, the Chico Creek Nature Center has grown into a unique attraction that the entire community and tourists can enjoy.

In 1996, the Chico Creek Nature Center separated from the Audubon Society to form its own separate entity. We are located in the middle of beautiful Bidwell Park, which is the 3rd largest city park in the United States.

The Chico Creek Nature Center operates as a natural history museum, nature center, and information center of Bidwell Park. We offer educational programs for students, birthday parties, weekend hikes, and nature activities for the public, interactive wildlife exhibits, winter, spring and summer day camps for kids, and a living animal museum. Other services include University internships and a diverse volunteer program.

Chico Creek Nature Center invites you to come and visit us and enjoy the outdoor world around us! We encourage newcomers to participate in one of the weekend events.

1968 E. 8th St., Chico

Phone: (530) 897-8726
Tuesday - Sunday: 11am to 4pm

Handicap Access:No

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