Fun Fact #25
In May of 1885, it was announced Gridley would be "lighted" with gas next winter.

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Arts and Culture : Art Studios & Artists

There is no lack of creativity in Butte County. Artist studios take shape in nearly any space imaginable: a garage, a barn, a converted room, an industrial warehouse, a downtown walk-up.

Shown above is a piece by local artist Cynthia Schildhauer.

Amber Palmer
Anne Gottlieb
Arthur Wesley Lemner
Ben Saturen
Beth Bjorklund
Betty O'Hare
Brenda Schlegel
Bruce Ertle
Caitlin Schwerin
Cal Ling
Cantello Studios
Carol Anne Miles
Carol Preble-Miles
Carry Brown
Charlie Osborn
Chico Art Center
Chris Cantello
Christina Aranguren
Christine Connerly
Christine Henry
Christine Muratore
Chunhong Chang
Cinde Nelson
Claudia B. Schwartz
Claudia W. Steel
Colleen Wampole
Cooie Grey-Lavin
Cris Guenter
Cynthia Schildhauer
Daniel Donnelly
Dave Lawton
Dave Owen
David D. Shimamoto
David Mallory
David Miller
David Sisk (Sisko) Jeb Sisk
David Yager
Dean Evans
Debra Chamberlin
Dee Boyd
Elizabeth Newman Kuiper
Ellis Harms
Eva Farley
Evonne Cramer
Fay Grundvig
Frank S. Wilson
Garnetta Finnegan
Geoff Fricker
George Koszis
Geralyn Sheridan
Gitta Brewster
Glen Cowan
Helen Jurgenson
Ilona Cronan
Irene Alferi
James Moody
Jana Lawton
Janet Allenspach
Janet Bauer
Janet Lombardi Blixt
Janice Hofmann
Jason M. Adkins
Jean Summerville
JoAnna Richer
John and Sue Hees
John Cummins
Jon Shult
Judith C. Biehler
Judith Carter
Julie Shaw
Kathie Bechard
Kathleen Lawrence-Davis
Kathy Burtman
Kay Wooldridge
Keith Davis
Kim Victoria
Kristen DeMartini Carlos
Lea Wagner
Lea Wagner
Linda Marie Bird
Lloyd Liebes Jr.
Lois Perkins
Lori Stevens
Lynette Hull
Mabrie Ormes
Mabrie Ormes
Machelle Conn
Maria A. Phillips
Marianna Love
Marianne Govan
Maribeth Growdon
Mary Amicarella
Mary Kay Benson
Michael Sterling
Michele Miller
Mike Simpson
Milly Grayson
Misty Leppard
Norm Dillinger
Onelda Hodson
Orient & Flume Art Glass
Pam Oates
Pam Watson Baker
Pat Koszis
Pat Vought
Patty Ann Bambauer
Paul A. Feldhaus
Paul Decker
Paula Busch
Peter Bartczak
Peter Jodaitis
Peter Jodaitis
Phyllis Cullen
Pravda McCrosky
Richard B. Lea
Richard Hornaday
Richard Whitehead
Robin Indar
Ruelene J. Fillerup
Sadie Card
Sally Dimas
Salvatore Casa
Salvatore Casa
Sandy Fisher
Satava Art Glass
Sharon Sawyer
Shelley White
Sheryl Cummings
Sten Hoiland
Steve Nielsen
Sue Matheson
Sue Matheson
Susan Caron Proctor
Susan Emerson
Susan Strawn
Suzanne Lorenz
Tanya Mead Mullen
Tanya Mead Mullen
Tedo Best
The Naked Lounge
Titus Woods
Tom Sherburne
Tome McQuaid
Victoria Sulski
Walton Walker

Sandy Fisher

Weaving is a passion for me that flows throughout each piece. I weave a line of fine home furnishings. Color, textures, and patterns are tradmarks o...
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